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There’s a new character In Detective Conan; An unknown child of middle-school age who appears to be a girl with light hair was shown hiding in Sera Masumi's room. Whose eyes have a remarkable resemblance to those of Shuichi Akai and Sera Masumi.

The child seems close to Masumi, most likely related by blood and is sickly? The gender is presumed girl but... it could be Masumi's mysterious 'middle brother', who is living in Japan! (Meaning~ A TRAP in Conan ♥)

As Aoyama's work often goes, The Child is interested in Conan but tells Masumi 'Its still too early to trust him and if he(Conan) asks to introduce the Child, to say she is her(Masumi's) little sister from outside the territory'.
If this is the middle brother, than he has been shrunken by something such as APTX 4869 and that he has a misleading appearance (like how Masumi was first mistaken for a male), however he could be using it to his advantage in order to hide his true identity!

Although the eyes are similar to Masumi's and Shuuichi's, the blond colored curly hair sets the child apart from the other two in appearance.

Masumi and Shuuichi have dark hair and green eyes!

For a Conan-fan and a trap-fan like me, this is great news...even if it is not the meantime I'm going to enjoy my own trap-oc's and other animes ones :meow:

Any Conan fans please tell me what you think about the Mystery Child and Sera Masumi :)
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Submitted on
November 9, 2013